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released July 24, 2016



all rights reserved


FingerFingerrr São Paulo, Brazil

EU SÓ GANHO: youtu.be/KqLZ5HFgaLo

BUCK YOU: youtu.be/9T75G8Gdhqo

FingerFingerrr are a duo from São Paulo, Brazil and their sound is rooted in punk, rock and hip-hop. They've had videos feat. on MTV2 and played Cactus Music in Houston. After 4 tours in the U.S., they are releasing their debut album MAR in July/2016.

Check out Eu Só Ganho, first single off the debut album.
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Track Name: Eu Só Ganho
Eu só ganho
Eu não tenho
Track Name: Hypnotize
Kick to the back till you think you’re about to crack
She’ll hold you in her arms and wait to react

You told her that you know it’s a non-altered state
You’ve never been to bed but you’ll try all the same

I don’t want to admit it
But I believe it
Hypnotize, Hypnotize

Everything revolves around
Your little waist

Hypnotize, Hypnotize

Kick your way back to the front and then retract

Eyes on the prize while you’re swerving through the pack
You tell her that you feel and you hear everything
I don’t know the words and I’m out of fucking time

Cause it’s easy to remember but it’s hard to stay in line

When you know you’re in a battle but the battle’s in your mind

You got hypnotized

Wake up! Wake up!
Please come alive!
Hold me in your arms
I’m just trying to survive

Wake up! Wake up!

You don’t understand

If only you could see

That I’m trying to be a man

Just make it all right Hypnotize, Hypnotize
Track Name: Pyrrhic V
Same you, Same me, Same I, Same us
Strangers, Strange us, Strain us, Train us

You, me, Pyrrhic V

I don’t know what you see

We’re in line, so what’s the beef?
Never miss an opportunity

Make sure you look for me
When you come back here
When you come back here

Treacherous and tried-true
Treacherous and true-blue

Make sure you look for me
When you come back here

Don’t you know what you mean?
Don’t you know what I mean?
Track Name: Embora Agora
Quero ir embora agora
Não aguento mais escutar
Todo dia, toda noite

Vou pra lua, perco o norte
Track Name: Quem Te Convidou?
Terminou assim de um jeito que era pra acabar

E começou um outro, diferente, sem nem falar

E agora tamo aqui, respirando o mesmo ar

Quem te convidou pra mim?
Quem te embalou assim?

‘Je suis ici’, ela me disse

‘All right, then’, eu disse depois
Quem você pensa que é, hein?
Quem te convidou pra mim?

Quem te embalou assim?
Violenta até o fim

Quem te sente mente sim
Mente quem te sente assim

Quem te convidou
Quem te convidou
Quente quente
Quem te convidou
Track Name: Kanye
sem letra - no lyrics
Track Name: X
Mente, deite, fode, foge

Vem e tente transferir

A gente sente um calafrio, assim
É entre camas e linhas

E entre chamas e espinhos
Como eu

[Luiza Lian]
Pra cada palma, penso se vai chegar
Mas nunca volta, nem consegue gozar
Vai lá, vai lá, vem cá
Se chega tarde é melhor
Conte uma história que eu sei
Mas fode logo

Se um dia eu conseguir mudar e relaxar e te ligar
Será que você vai me atender?

E entender

Que sempre foi você
Track Name: Encontrei Um Jeito
Sabe o que eu fiz?

Eu encontrei um jeito
Um caminho de respeito

Agora posso rir

De tudo que eu fiz

Pra não ouvir você falar:

“Hey, me solte, não quero mais
Que você só pense em mim
Desse jeito eu só vou pra trás

É um caminho que não tem fim...”
Track Name: Come Back Home
Wishing you weren’t miles away

Wishing we had time to play

Wishing everyday to find the words to say
If only you knew what you meant

Remember when we used to laugh

At more than just the usual past?

You know we’re not all right, it’s clearly in the eyes
The same eyes that refuse to cry

Come back home

When you coming home?
I said home

When you coming home?

It’s been too long since it’s been this way

And it’s time for us to make a change

If we don’t take a stand and once again hold hands
The pain will always be the same

Come back home

When you coming home?
I said home

When you coming home?