The Lick It EP

by FingerFingerrr

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FingerFingerrr's debut EP
written, produced, recorded and mixed by the band.

Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper, Turtle Tone Studios, NYC
Artwork by Elissa Rocabado
Photography by Daniela Ometto


released December 10, 2012



all rights reserved


FingerFingerrr São Paulo, Brazil



FingerFingerrr are a duo from São Paulo, Brazil and their sound is rooted in punk, rock and hip-hop. They've had videos feat. on MTV2 and played Cactus Music in Houston. After 4 tours in the U.S., they are releasing their debut album MAR in July/2016.

Check out Eu Só Ganho, first single off the debut album.
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Track Name: Punksy
How many times have u been in love in your life?
I can 't recall

We need to live longer
Cause i still don't know who you are

It's so nice makin' love to your girl
But is it better than having all the girls in the world?

Answer that question with all your heart
And then you'll find out just where you are

I don't want to go, to another fucking show
Rather be alone or be chillin' with some girls

I'll meet you anywhere, now close your eyes
The way you look should be illegal

Now hey hey hey
Off the floor, man
Why should I wait for her heart?
You are a piece of shit man
Who the hell is this?… oh man you just fuck off…

You come in with a flower
I come in with a bat
So careful what you say
Cause I don't know how I will react

You know I need you here, especially today
But back off a little so I can breathe

We look at each other as we cross
Only cause we're lonely
Trying to find someone that makes us feel
Like we are really somebody
But we sabotage the hook up
As soon as we feel the pressure
To have someone who likes us more than we like ourselves

(so how many times have you been in love?
just answer once, it's with yourself)
Track Name: Fun-Key
10 at night and you're pulling me down
We've been together 2 years
And it's still the same sound

Let's change things now
Fuck it, we'll tear it all down
And stand proud
'Cause symbols are easy to drawn

We'll take 3 trips about every month
Stick it in then lick it
2 xxx in the sun
Drive across the country
'Cause that shit is fun
We'll make it look so easy
Bad weather will run

You're so beautiful, I never say it though
I regret that, so now I changed my mode
Every morning before I change my clothes
I'll stop and wonder how you're so beautiful

Oh we can be together, yeah
We can have some fun

Take 3 trips about every month
'Cause living in the jungle makes us weigh a ton
So close your hot eyes and stretch in the sun
'Cause who needs money, all we want is fun
Track Name: Find A Way
Never believe what they say when you ask
Questions to those you confide

There's only one person who knows what to do
And it's always the last one you find

But always right on time

Do you know how much I love you?
Do you know how much I care?
When I finally said 'forever'
You kindly said 'who cares'

But I'll find a way

Did I tell you that you're 'très belle'?
Did I forget to squeeze your hand?
Did I take too long to travel?
Did I stop being your man?

Well I'm gonna show you I changed
Which in turn will make you change
Then you'll hear me say 'forever'
And then you'll say 'you're my man'

And I'll find a way

And my love for you has grown everyday of my life
And I know we'll have problems
But we'll take those in stride
'Cause it's easy to live with a girl like you by my side
'Cause you kiss and you kick me
And you do it in style
Yeah you do it in style

And I'll find a way
Track Name: To Get Up And Vanish
Left or right you never know
When we're driving down the street

I can crash the car and die
But you'll still be so cute

It's these little things
That make me love
You even more
Than yesterday

10 cigarettes a week
I don't smoke but for you I'll cheat
To show how much you mean to me
To show you just how much you mean to me

Left or right you never know
Dyslexia's what I think it's called

Don't worry I'll take care of it
You just sit and smile

Then let me kiss your smile
Then let me hear you sing
Then shut-up while I say

That you